About the Ham Bone and the Ainsworths

Henry Ainsworth moved to Llandudno from  Liverpool before WWII. Henry sold newspapers on the corner of Mostyn Street, yards from  the Ham Bone food hall. A picture of Henry hangs in the Ham Bone today.

John Ainsworth, Henry’s son, established the family’s first food business in Llandudno in 1970 and since then it has developed and maintained a reputation for quality.

The Ham Bone Deli, run by Henry’s grandson Martin, was established in 1990 and opened its current brasserie in 2012 to compliment the delicatessen.

A picture of Henry hangs...

About Ham

Ham is a breitling replica uk cut of meat from the thigh of the hind leg of certain animals, especially pigs. Nearly all hams sold today are hublot uk fully cooked or cured. The word ham is derived from the Old English ham or hom meaning the hollow or bend of the knee.

The word Hambone has several meanings other than just the bone within the joint of meat. Our favourite is the Hambone dance which has its origin’s in the African Juba Dance.

The Hambone is swiss hublot widely practiced in the Southern USA and we plan to make it popular locally. Come along and see our Hambone performances daily at 11.00 am and 4.00 pm (summer only).

We also offer a rolex replica monthly prize for the best YouTube Hambone from one of our customers.

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